Get The Best With The Q Range

We all use Q20 to loosen screws, nuts and bolts, and protect tools from moisture, but that’s just for newbies. I know tons of people have a can of this stuff in their garage, toolbox, or under their kitchen cabinet, but do you guys really know all of the amazing ways you can use it? If you’re feeling adventurous, here are the top 20 weird and wonderful uses for Q20: 1. Make a spade dig faster Spray a little Q20 onto your garden spade before digging to make it slide easier into the ground. 2. Get Rid Of That Makeup Stain Makeup is one hard stain to remove from your clothing but Q20 can help.…

SDR: The best kept secret in fabric stain removal

Stains are inevitable – as long as we eat, play and work. Stain removal forms a big part of the routine work of washing clothes. No escaping from it. Did you know by adding SDR with your laundry detergent will effectively remove all kinds of stubborn stains.  Its non-chlorine formula is safe for all colours and fabrics. Whether you want to remove tough stains from clothes, carpets or soft furnishings, try these methods to get the job done. Stains on your clothes aren’t always as tough to get out as you might think. Combining soap with water or lemon with salt are both good options but for…

Know More About Epsom Salts

Have you heard of Epsom Salt? Epsom salt is magnesium sulphate, a pure mineral compound that is a popular remedy for many ailments and dozens of uses for health, beauty, fitness, crafts and the garden. It has an appearance similar to table salt and is often dissolved in baths. While it looks similar to table salt, its taste is distinctly different. Epsom Salt for the Garden Deter Slugs Getting rid of garden slugs is made easier because one of the Epsom salt gardening uses is to deter slugs and snails. Sprinkle Epsom salt generously across your garden. Make your grass greener Epsom salt, which…

Flowers of Suplhur - What is it?

Not your normal type of flowers! Sulphur Flowers are an antiseptic and anti-fungal. It is suitable for use on humans, animals, vegetables, fruits, flowers and as a gardening additive in the soil. It is safe to ingest in the correct quantities and is extremely versatile, treating anything from acne to arthritis. Sulphur is a mild antiseptic and parasiticide used as a cream or lotion to treat acne and scabies and is also used in homoeopathic medicines. Sulphur Flowers comes as a bright yellow powder, obtained from naturally-occurring volcanic brimstone deposits. It is a natural mineral that has…

Milking Cream - Udder-ly Ridiculous!

The first time we heard about udder creams, we freaked out. Well, a cream that is meant for cow udders would hardly qualify as a hand and body cosmetic product. This cream is mainly used for keeping the cow’s udders soft and prevent it from chapping when exposed to the harsh cold and dry conditions. So how did this cream make it out of the dairy farms and onto our bathroom shelves? And it true that the cream can not only moisturize dry, chapped skin but also reduces stretch marks and sunburns. Moisturizer A great skin moisturizer, these creams work well with moisturizing and softening dry, hard…

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