The first time we heard about udder creams, we freaked out. Well, a cream that is meant for cow udders would hardly qualify as a hand and body cosmetic product. This cream is mainly used for keeping the cow’s udders soft and prevent it from chapping when exposed to the harsh cold and dry conditions.

So how did this cream make it out of the dairy farms and onto our bathroom shelves? And it true that the cream can not only moisturize dry, chapped skin but also reduces stretch marks and sunburns.

milk cream


A great skin moisturizer, these creams work well with moisturizing and softening dry, hard skin. They contain skin repair formulations to repair and maintain skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks. (REVET142, REVET152 or REVET151)

Treatment for Chapped Feet

Fabulous for dry chapped heels, these creams work well to prevent the dry skin build-up on the feet. The mineral oil base works well to clear off the dry skin and smooth the dry hard skin on face and hands. (REVET140, REVET152 or REVET151)

Skin Disorder Treatment

The drastic reduction of the skin dryness can reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin occurring as the result of rashes, eczema and other allergic skin disorders. (REVET140)


Although it may not contain a sun protector formula, these creams are quite effective in resolving the after side effects such as sunburn peeling and flaking. The hydrating formula in these creams help to restore the moisture balance of the sunburned skin. An absence of any alcohol or other chemicals in REVET140 allows it to act as an effective moisturizer for sun-exposed skin.

Diaper Rash

REVET140 is known to act as a gentle hypoallergenic moisturizing cream to treat baby bruises and rashes caused by the thick grainy surface of the diapers.

Works as an Effective Natural Barrier

Whether it is the harsh job of gardening, cleaning or painting, these creams are known to work as a great natural barrier from harsh environmental effects. In fact cyclists, hikers, and runners have effectively used this cream to reduce the skin blisters and bumps. (REVET140, REVET152 or REVET151)

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