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Animals Feeds, Animal Health, Pets and Equestrian

Animals Feeds, Animal Health, Pets and Equestrian These products range focus on animals whether farming, domestic or horses. On the farming animals the range includes products for cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, horses and ostriches. We provide animal feeds, feeding equipment and medicine from well-known industry leading brands such as Voermol, Molatek, Bayer, Zoetis, Virbac, Pfeizer and MSD. A fast variety of grooming, toys and food for pets are available. We are a prominent supplier of Montego and Jock Dogfoods. The equestrian range consists of horse tack, horse grooming products and horse rider clothing. Horse feeds from Epol, Spurwing and Afgri Feeds is available. Game pellets and lick from various suppliers such as Boskos, completes this range.

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diyThe DIY ranges consists of Hardware, Tools, Electrical and Automotive products all focussing on the do-it-yourself customer. A full range of Stanley and Hurricane hand tools, Black&Decker power tools and general hardware like locks, binding wires, hinges, chains and brackets are available. Afrox Vitemax forms the basis of our welding products supported by Superflex cutting and grinding wheels. Multiplugs, plug tops, electrical wire and Yanmar and Talon generators all form part of our Electrical departments while our Automotive range covers products like lubricants, car care and cleaning products, jacks, towing and ratchets, compressors and other accessories.

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Clothing and Toys

Clothing and ToysFarmcity is a proud dealer of John Deere clothing, toys and novelties. This range consists of men’s shirts and jackets, ladies wear and even a baby and kids clothing range. Shoes, caps, handbags are but a few products listed under John Deere products available. The popular John Deere toys as well as their novelty range of products such as watches, badges, stickers and bags are all available at Farmcity.

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PaintInside our Paint departments you’ll find a range that includes adhesives, crackfillers, chemiclas and silicones. The high quality paint products from Dulux are available supported by other brands like Duram and TM. Paint tinting is done in store by well-trained staff, and a full solution on waterproofing is available through the Duram or ABE product range. Wood care products include a range from Woodoc and Embark. The paint range is supported by the Academy Brushware range of paint brushes.

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Protective Wear

Protective WearOur protective range includes overalls, rain suits, eyewear, gumboots, gloves, work wear and safety boots from Jonsson Workwear as well as other supporting brands.

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Irrigation and Water Supply

Irrigation and Water SupplyIrrigation is a core category in Farmcity. The wide range of irrigation equipment includes all fittings (full flow fittings, galvanised fittings and nylon fittings), pumps, and a range of piping, electric motors, valves and taps. Hunter and Rainbird ranges of timers, solenoids and sprinklers form the base of the garden irrigation range. The high quality Italian pump brand, Wortex are also available and consists of surface pumps, booster pumps, submersible pumps and submersible pump motors. JoJo tenks and Rain Water Harvesting solutions as well as water pumps from Honda, booster pumps and borehole pumps are part of the sought after products range at Farmcity.

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GardeningFarmcity provides a full solution to garden care. Our gardening starts with a wide range of compost and fertilizers, including products like Bioganic, Earth2Earth, 2:3:2 and LAN/KAN. Further to these products we offer pesticide and herbicide solutions through Protek and Efekto products and a flower seed and vegetable seed range from Starke Ayres. The rest of the range consists of shade netting, garden tools, garden hose, and swimming pool products by manufacturers like Lasher, Agpro, Megaflex, HTH and Aquapro. Lawnmowers and accessories are provided through brands like Agpro, Lawnstar, Rolux, Black&Decker and Talon.

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FarmingOur Firefighting equipment consists of firefighters, fire beaters and knapsack sprayers. The firefighting units can fit on any double cab or trailer and other than being used by farmers, it is also widely used for car wash, animal dip or by municipalities. Wires and fencing also forms part of this range. This includes all posts and stays, droppers, y-beams, bird netting, chicken wire, diamond mesh, barb wire and steel wire. Farm gates and garden gates are also available. Farmcity is a dealer for Falcon Agricultural Equipment more specifically the Falcon Slashers used by smallholders, farmers, municipalities and road maintenance contractors. This range is further supported by the availability of the John Deere Ride-On mowers in various sizes.

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Household, Outdoor and Camping

diyBasecamp is the champion of this category with a comprehensive range of camping chairs, beach chairs, beds, gazebo’s, camping cupboards, kitchenette, patio sets, cooler bags and camping tables. This is supported by brands like Alva, LK and Ignite in the braai and cook category. Gas braai’s, gas cylinders, braai briquettes and accessories such as lighters are included in this range. Coleman products makes up the cooler box range and together with Energizer, they provide the lighting solution as well. An extensive range of torches and lights are available under the Energizer and Maglite brand. Sleeping bags, tents, gas cartridges, gas lamps and water purification equipment can be found in the camping category. Air-guns, paintball guns, bows and a range of Daisy products can be found in our outdoor department. A range of hunting accessories like meat saws, putty formers, "wors-stoppers" and Crown spices completes the range. On household we carry a range of cleaning produ cts from Revet like SDR and also the much sought after Kleer 4007 products.

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